Consult the recordings of May 8 conference: World Donkeys day

Donkeys are an integral part of the culture, the history and the future in numerous countries in the world.  Donkeys (and mules parented by donkeys) have been, and still are, important for agricultural production and marketing as well as for transport. Donkey traditions have been encapsulated in museums around the world, but donkey technologies continue to evolve.   Many donkey populations have recently been

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New : the AFMA Documentary collection

Since its creation in June 1982, AFMA has published information documents for its members or institutions concerned with rural heritage and agricultural museography. . Discover here the complete set of this documentary collection published from 1983 to 2003 in the form of « Lettres et bulletins de l’AFMA ». More than 550 documents, articles, reports are compiled